The Biomass Solution

Biomass provides all your heating and hot water, with a clean, sustainable fuel eliminating the requirement for fossil fuel. Biomass boilers burn wood pellets, from sustainable sources and create an environmentally friendly carbon cycle.

The Government recognises the benefits of Biomass and to encourage installations, are offering generous payments through the ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ (RHI). With lucrative returns on a 20 year fixed contract, those who sign up now will benefit the most.

Running a Biomass Boiler
Modern Biomass boilers are almost completely automated. They light, feed and even clean themselves, requiring only an annual service. Simple heating controls run the heating and hot water just as a conventional system.

Financial Benefit

You are paid through RHI for the amount of heat generated by a Biomass boiler. These are index linked and continue for 20 years. The cost of the bio-fuel is also less than the replaced fossil fuel. In most cases RHI payments less Biomass fuel costs will create a surplus income. See below for typical financial examples.

Claiming the RHI

To claim RHI you must have your system installed by a company approved under MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme). We are approved and will arrange this contract on your behalf with Ofgem the Energy regulator.


Biomass systems can work in most properties replacing gas or oil boilers. They can be connected to existing heating systems with minimum disturbance.